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Wooden Ship Modeling for Dummies
Learning from Pictures

Lifetime Subscription: $ 45.00 USD one off payment.

  • Payment :
  • Preferable method by Electronic Transfer or Credit Card without fees through the services of PayPal click the PayPal Subscribe button below

  • Alternative method by International Postal Money Order or Bank Cheque to
    Stanislav Yakovina
    215 rue Roland Jeanneau
    Verdun (Quebec)
    H3E 1R5 Canada

  • Upon receipt of your payment, a login and a password will be sent to you (within 48 hours, but usually within 1-2 hours).

  • Money back guarantee: If you are not happy with the content of the site or can not use it because of the technical difficulties on your end - just send an email to contact@shipmodeling.ca (within 30 days after the subscription) and we will refund your money (although it happened only once in more than 10 years - a person got a subscription as a gift from his wife just to find out that he does not know how to use the Internet browser programs...).

    Also, since the most of the payments are done by PayPal, you can always create a claim at PayPal (within 45 days after the subscription) saying that you have not received the product you paid for and PayPal will reverse the transaction and you will get your money back in full.

    Please send me an e-mail telling me that you have taken a subscription. This will give me your active e-mail address. Thank you !

Our subscribers' testimonials

  • I'm a modeler, never did a wooden ship, but always wanted to. I got that Artesania Latina Virginia 1819 schooner. Started assembling per kit instruction... Looked at planking instruction and seen that I would be building a model of the original banana boat, by their instruction... Found other site, got PDF's on planking. But that site is time consuming and alot you can't be sure of... I like your site! Now I know how off the wall these kit instructions can be. + Your tips and trick's.... And I just opened the door to your site!!! Well worth the subscription price. (Tom - Ohio, US).
  • WOW, a wealth of info. Will take a while to digest, but well worth it. (Frank - US).
  • I have built many models, from Bluenose, Pandora, Chas. Morgan, and many more. Just a note from a happy subscriber. In the first few hours I have picked up so many good tips I could have saved myself many hours of work. Thank you for coming out with such a really good source of information for us modelers. (Harvey - US).
  • I do appreciate all your info you provide for the beginner like myself. It's like I have a teacher alongside me when I follow the practicums. (Ethel - US).
  • Just had to let you know how very much I have learned from you. Your lessons took me from novice to semi-pro in this last year. Also have picked up many other "tricks" I would love to share. #1 is a small steamer such as for getting wrinkles from fabric. (Harvey - US).
  • I have recently subscribed to your website and found contents to be excellent for my needs/capabilities. (Heinz - Australia).
  • It is my plan to build a new ship for each of my son's families and I know I will need the help of you wonderful site "Dummies" like I used so much with my earlier ships. (Floyd - US).
  • I love your site. My first build is a fishing schooner in 1/4 scale. I have a lot to learn (Jon - US).
  • Building the USS Constitution. The help from you website has been wonderful... thank you. (Jonny - US).
  • I already have a ton of PDF guides but for 45 dollars its pretty nice to have one singular guide on one page with videos. (Chris - Netherlands).
  • Thank you very much for the info you give on rigging for dummies. As a beginner I was so worried about how to tie off the shrouds on the main mast, didn't really know where to start. I doing the HMS Racehorse by Mantua and it gives no indication of where to start or end but now I'm ready to start the rigging/shrouds etc. (Pat - US).
  • I have recommended your site to several fellow ship builders. To me it is invaluable, an outstanding resource. I am building the Mamoli Flying Cloud, still preping and researching, and I really love all the info and knowledge that you are sharing on your site. (Phil - US).
  • Over the last year or so, I have enjoyed perusing your site. It is fantastic, with a wealth of information, techniques, skills, and tricks. I only wish I had found the site prior to starting my first model ship (Norske Love) that only took me three years to build because of frustration and lack of knowledge. I also learned that I should have started with a much simpler project. I am now embarking on my second model (HMS Victory - Corel) with more confidence and understanding, and now armed with your fabulous directions, methods, and jigs, I feel I may just be able to do justice to the project. Thanks again. (Michael - US).
  • While I have this opportunity I want to thank you for your exceptional publication. It has added significantly to both my skill and enjoyment of wooden ship modeling. What a find!!! (Jack - US).
  • I have enjoyed you web site and always find it very helpful. I highly recommend this site to all wood ship model builders. (Don - US).
  • Wow! I am at work this morning and I have only had about ten minutes to watch the videos. They are fantastic. I have already seen at least 5 things that will help me get this correct and improve my planking. I will have a lot more time this weekend to study a little harder and get this right. I depended on the instruction way too much. I have a much better idea now how to proceed. (Mike - US).
  • Thank you for your wonderful website. I have heard nothing but praise about it, so I wanted to join in. I've been building wooden ship models for 30 years, but I still consider myself a beginner and want to learn all I can. I know your website will help. (Harvey - US).

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